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INTENDED USE Anti-AB Monoclonal Antibodies are in-vitro culture supernatant of hybrids obtained by cellular fusion (Hybridoma Technology). It is a monoclonal antibody for ABO grouping. The reagent is for in-vitro use only.
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Anti A Monoclonal Antibodies for blood grouping cross match It is a monoclonal antibody for ABO grouping
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INTENDED USE Bovine Albumin is primarily used to enhance the reactivity of blood grouping antibodies, either in direct agglutination tests or indirect anti-globulin test which can be qualitatively used in antibody detection, identification, titration and control of Rh typing.
CRP C Reactive protien test kit
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Anti Human Serum is used in the direct and indirect antiglobulin test to detect antibodies and/or complement on RBCs.