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Microsidd Pregnancy Test kit pack of 10 cards

Manufacturer: MicroSidd
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: HCG_10
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Delivery date: 2-3 days Tier 1 city

Microsidd Pregnancy Test kit 

  • Individually Foiled Pouch Packs
  • Result in 2mins, Requires just 2 drops of sample
  • Easy to Use, Sample Dropper Provided inside pouch
  • Accuracy: 99.1% to 100%, Sensitivity 100%
  • Best Used upto Expiry Date: January 2019
  • available in 5, 10, 50, 100 test packs

2 bands appear brightly if positive,


1) open the foil, 2) place the device on table 3) fill the sample in the dropper 4) drop 2 drops of sample on "S" Marked hole 4) wait for 2-5 mins for end results. ( this device is only meant for screening and not for declaration and cannot be deemed as a final report.

Legal Disclaimer:

Colour / Shade of the outer foil & Cassette may vary from batch to batch and pack size, the result and accuracy will be the 100% correct as described.