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INTENDED USE Anti-AB Monoclonal Antibodies are in-vitro culture supernatant of hybrids obtained by cellular fusion (Hybridoma Technology). It is a monoclonal antibody for ABO grouping. The reagent is for in-vitro use only.
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Anti A Monoclonal Antibodies for blood grouping cross match It is a monoclonal antibody for ABO grouping
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₹499.00 ₹4,990.00
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INTENDED USE Bovine Albumin is primarily used to enhance the reactivity of blood grouping antibodies, either in direct agglutination tests or indirect anti-globulin test which can be qualitatively used in antibody detection, identification, titration and control of Rh typing.
Anti Human Serum is used in the direct and indirect antiglobulin test to detect antibodies and/or complement on RBCs.